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Globalization is increasingly shaping the business agenda, such that it is becoming more important than ever to foster a truly internationalized workforce; one that can operate seamlessly across geographical boundaries to capitalize on all business opportunities.

As leaders in the provision of strategic English language training, and a truly international company itself, EF has a keen interest in promoting such cross-border business collaboration. For this reason, we have founded an award to recognise the achievements of companies with regard to international collaboration and cross-border communication projects.

We believe such projects represent the future norm for successful businesses, which is why we think it is important to highlight best practice in this area. We hope it will stimulate further successful international projects and help to foster a truly global business culture.

This award is open to any size or type of company, the only criterion is that you have successfully implemented a project that involved the engagement of employees in multiple countries to achieve outstanding results.

Whether it was a product development project that was conceived in the boardroom in the US, brought to life by a team of designers in Brazil and China and then brought to market by teams in Germany, Italy and France; or a consultancy project involving the collaboration and collective knowledge of local teams across Europe, we would love to hear about it.

Each entry will be carefully judged on its own merits by our expert panel of judges who come from a diverse range of backgrounds, from international business experts to academic professors.

The winning organisation will receive a residential stay for 2 Executives at one of EF’s Executive Language institute in either Boston (US) or Cambridge (UK), worth $6,500.

Two executives of your choice will have the opportunity to perfect their business English by attending our most popular week-long residential English course – the Combination Course. Through a mixture of private, semi-private and group classes, the Executives will strengthen their conversational and written English, while at the same time, honing their pronunciation and expanding their vocabulary.

Your company will also receive global recognition as a successful international organization through the EF Education First network and publicity channels, giving you exposure to thousands of companies worldwide.

To enter, you need to submit a word document (maximum 1000 words) that details your international collaboration project. This should be split into the sections below:

  1. Project background, scope and scale - how did it arise, what were the aims? How many countries & individuals were involved?
  2. How was international collaboration central to this project?
  3. Processes and procedures – What factors were key to the project’s success? What lessons were learned? What would you do differently next time?
  4. Measures of success – What were these? (Quantitative where possible). Include comments from those involved in the project where possible.
  5. Lasting impact – what were the wider implications of the project if any?

All entries must be received by May 1st 2014. The shortlist of companies will be announced on May 1st 2014, and the winner notified in June 2014.

Some examples of collaborative projects

  1. EXAMPLE 1: Knowledge sharing

    Issue: International manufacturing company ABC had silos of information throughout the organization, meaning mistakes were being repeated and local offices were not learning from each other’s experiences.
    Collaboration solution: : Created an internal portal for employees to share information throughout the organization.
    Results: This internal collaboration tool enabled them to draw on different local markets’ capabilities to promote the success of the company as a whole. Resulting in improved efficiency, reduced time to market and retention of their position as market leader.

  2. EXAMPLE 2: Customer service

    Issue: Software company XYZ is headquartered in the UK but has customers all over the world. They had an issue with provision of 24 hour online support to customers worldwide due to different time zones.
    Collaboration solution: Set up satellite teams worldwide (trained by central experts from the headquarters) to provide 24hr client support locally. Use of a central software tool allows the satellite teams to share information and provide a consistent quality of service.
    Results: Improved customer satisfaction and increased renewal rates.

Terms and conditions for entry:

  1. All entries must be received by 5pm GMT on 1st May 2014.
  2. All entries must include explanatory text that supports the placement, otherwise the nomination will be considered void.
  3. Submission to the awards is free of charge.
  4. Companies can submit more than one project if desired.
  5. Nominating companies are expected to provide accurate information about their company’s ventures. If, during the judging process, it is discovered that inappropriate claims have been made about the ventures, said information will be removed from the nomination and a warning will be given.
  6. The judges’ decision is final.

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Entry form

Please attach a Word or text document that outlines your project. You may also attach images that support your application. 1 MB file limit per file.